On 28 May 2013, Gezi Park civil unrest in Istanbul /Turkey began. The government’s terrible oversight of the situation and advancement of police brutality towards rightful people who are peacefully demonstrating in the Gezi Park area sparked solidarity in 90 locations in Turkey. While violating democratic rights government’s lack of public consultation escalated demonstrations against tyranny. Spreading misinformation and media censorship was the government’s biggest weapon against people who stand against authoritarianism. I follow the protests until the last day from the very beginning with an instinct of recording the history. Not as a photojournalist but as a photographer to be a witness. I shared a lot of videos and photographs from the area to show people what is happening in Taksim instead of the government’s propaganda. Years later, I found out some of my images have these glitches. These images are not manipulated or altered. They represent how news or information has been censored, cut, mislead or converted to pink lies for us to stay as a silent herd instead of citizens who hold the power of democracy.