• Capital of Loneliness (On Going Work)

    There is an undeniable stigma surrounding loneliness. Research shows that 30% of British people said they would be embarrassed to say they felt lonely, which can be a leading factor in preventing people from coming forward and seeking help. “Our capital is one of the busiest and vibrant cities in the world, but it can also be a lonely and alienating place for Londoners of all backgrounds and ages. Whilst it should be as straightforward as possible for those suffering from loneliness to access the support that they need, there is an undeniable stigma surrounding this condition, which can prevent Londoners from coming forward and reaching out." Jennette Arnold OBE AM
  • Loss

    These images have been transformed from the military id photos of soldiers to death toll numbers between 2002 to 2012 in Turkey. The project consists of over 1000 images which have been shot on military duty in 2007. Raw images in this series have been shot with a 2Mp pocket camera and combined later with several techniques used. Same outfit, same haircut, same ideas have been pushed into these bodies. Human beings transformed into numbers. When they die eventually they are all the same.
  • Latent

    What stops between the image and the truth? Light, shadow, trace, alike? The unseen image appears in our memory as part of our path. This silent image that remains in the corner of our mind shaped like our memories in every recall. How does the first memory that fixes the image occur? Between the image reflected on the sensitive surface and the image created in a hundred twenty-fifth of a second, could there be that another sensation? Is this the image we are looking for, which shakes our belief in the image created in the final?
    Images in order of appearance:
    • A black bed sheet. (Digital image pushed to its limit by exposure on camera to create white from black)
    • A white robe in white. (Digital image pushed to its limit by exposure on camera to create black from white)
    • A hotel room in Amsterdam (A long exposure attempt to paint a face with light)
    • A portrait with a slow movement (Portrait shot in 2mins 40sec)
    • A thumb in size of its owner (Thumb scanned in height of 173cm in 300DPI in several minutes)
  • Immortal Beauty

    "Our body is a machine for living. It is organized for that, it is its nature. Let life go on in it unhindered and let it defend itself." Leo Tolstoy
  • 34 Women 34 Portraits

    34 well-known women from different occupations have placed under the water holding their breath as long as they can and let go at the final moment. In 2011, the exhibition took place in several cities in Turkey. Especially in suburban shopping malls and high schools over 500.000 visitors have seen the images. It becomes a social awareness project against violence towards women. Exhibition venues especially determined by the areas where these problems occur. United Nations Population Fund gave moral support to the project.
  • Sicilian Summer

    Palermo offers beautiful beaches and exceptional street food with a taste of seafood to many tourists from all around the world every summer. At the end of the season when everybody gets back to their routines, it would seem like a nice vacation in a quiet city near the beach, but it is not. Beaches are full of local tourists and a little bit dirty from the tourist storm during the season. Age level is around 50 with a bunch of small children screaming around. It has still remarkable effects of Greek and Mediterranean cultures with a hint of Italian culture of tasty coffee and Europes best ice-cream in every corner. It’s time to blend in and find your place in this chaotic excitement. Forget about lying down on a quiet beach and start stretching your legs. You can find plenty of coffee shops that will provide you with strong coffee to keep you awake for the rest of your trip.
  • Moscow Diary

    I first arrived in Moscow winter 2003. I stayed in the city for two weeks and later in summer 2004 I spend two months more. My all idea was to photograph daily life, people of the new generation in the streets. After this trip, I decided to go back to Moscow to see more ground level street life and city people. After all those years under a communist regime and the biggest ideological war against the capitalist world; I found a tired nation on the streets of the capital city. A change was still a big wave on the culture and people. Middle-aged generation is trying to keep what they saved after perestroika. Elders just left with their idea of communism, the nostalgia of the glory days. The monthly pension of a retired worker is around 10-15 dollars. Young people try to get a job in some international companies. Most popular University Departments are political sciences, economy, and mathematics. Recently foreign languages such as Chinese took importance, because of the foreign policy of Russia. A big city is the witness of many other aspects of social injustice every day. The number of unemployed young people raising for the last ten years. Banks are giving small amounts of credits to new investors to build a whole new company. But money has to be paid back in a year. So none of the small investors can not take that risk for a year. That’s one of the reasons that foreign investment needed. However, all those matters look chaotic there is still something to hold on, the intellectual spirit of communism.
  • Romani Alevis

    In 2001 after a long walk, I arrived in the neighbourhood. I was searching for the last house at the edge of the peripheral city. It seemed like a rough area to wonder. But threatening looks then turn in to a welcoming conversation after the introduction of who am I and what I was doing in there. Three guys escorted me to a junkyard where I met Ali Dede. He was disassembling with the junk metal parts of a fridge to sell it later. We sit together then he asked her wife if they have tea for a stranger. After that tea and a long talk, I was not a stranger in the neighbourhood anymore. He told me they are Romani Alevis. His daughter married a Romani guy then they start living in the same area. Two cultures interconnected as I never heard before. Both are keeping their customs and living next to each other. I needed to study both cultures and come back later. In total, I made three visits to the area in the following weeks. An invitation came from one of the guys who introduced me to Ali for a house gathering at night. It was in the house of a shoe painter who spent his last ten years in prison for murdering his wife. The house was very crowded, the walls covered with carpets with a strong smell of tobacco and raki mixed with a heavy odour of ten people sleeping at the floor of this very room. There was a guest from Istanbul he was looking for his wife in Eskisehir. He told me she ran away with another guy. He left his older daughter to a chief officer and sold his baby girl to a German couple before coming to Eskisehir. He was not planning to go back to Istanbul soon. At least not as a free man. There was also a newly married young couple, which later told me they recognized my camera bag from the other day in the city centre. They wanted to steal it but then realized I'm a student and let it slip this time. A couple of weeks later I developed the films and made the small prints in the university darkroom to gave them. When I called a little girl answered the phone. She told me that they are moving to another city and they are in a rush. Next day I went to the neighbourhood. This time, locked doors of empty houses greeted me. It was like a movie set after the production left.